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Tweenie Beanie. CUSTOM. White, pink and rose


Tweenie beanies are aged from about 6/7 years ish to about 12. I can customise the size.

Hand made in Scotland from Vegan friendly 100% acrylic super soft, hypo-allergenic yarn.

The yarn is designed to not cause those annoying wee bobble on your clothes (anti-pilling)

These beanies are double walled for a lovely snug feel and will keep you warm and toasty.

Made with excellent quality yarn that is hard wearing, all the pom poms (if your beanie has one) are hand made and hand stitched to reduce shedding and to make them more hard wearing.

The beanies are designed to be chunky and oversized and you can move them around for the best, bespoke fit.

Who says keeping warm needs to be boring!

Stand out from the crowd!

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