How long will it take to make my beanie?

My turnaround is normally pretty quick, however, due to me handmaking and designing the beanies by myself, during busy periods (run up to Christmas) I have a waiting list there may be a wait of up to 3 weeks.

How do I order a custom beanie?

If you don't see anything you fancy on the website just visit the Contact Us page or message me on facebook or whatsapp, and I will get back in touch.

We can go through a consultation and you can decide what you want!

How do I wash my beanie?

You can wash your beanie in a washing machine no problem. I design the pompoms to be more hardwearing. Wash at up to 40 degrees C on a gentle wash (of course, washing at lower temperatures is much better for the planet, and your electricity bills).

for extra protection for your pom pom then carefully turn the beanie inside out before washing.

What kind of yarn do you use?

I use super soft 100% high-quality acrylic yarn. the yarn is hypo-allergenic and has been designed to be anti pilling so those annoying little bobbles on your clothes don’t happen.

It is buttery soft.

What colour yarn do you stock?

My supplier has an almost endless array of colours (93 in fact). I have quite a few at home, however, it's not possible for me to stock every colour.

When you order a beanie, depending on the colour, I might need to order the yarn, so the order might take a little longer. I'll always keep you informed.

If you have a scarf or gloves, or any garment you love….. hey even a favourite pair of trainers you would like to coordinate with, I can colour match during your consultation.

What sizes do the beanies come in?

I cater for all head sizes, from age (roughly) 3 years old to infinity. If you have any specific sizes in mind, just let me know.

These custom beanies are great for those of us with a larger head (to fit all those extra brains). so even if you don’t normally shop for beanies as they never fit, don’t give up! We are here for you. Or you have a friend you know would love it but can never find ones to fit. We can accommodate all sizes (from 3 years and up)

Care instructions

The beanies are made from yarn and knitted so there is always a risk of snagging. To avoid snagging, just be mindful when taking the beanie on and off and avoid shoving the beanie into bags with zips and just take care around velcro also.

Wet weather

As the custom beanies are so lovely and warm and made from 100% soft acrylic yarn, they can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius.

Should you get them wet while out and about, in the rain etc then make sure you dry it flat and don’t pull it off your head while it is wet, over time this will risk stretching the beanie and making it loose in your head. (See advice if that happens below).


Snags are pulls in yarn garments. These can be caused by catching the beanie on rough edges. Funky chunky beanies have an extremely high quality checking system before they arrive to you. These beanies are custom made for you and are made with care and love, should you snag your beanie then there are things you can do to fix it.

How to stop my beanie getting too loose on my head?

As with all of our favourite clothing items, if we wear something all the time it can become more loose. This is normal.

if you are going to be wearing your beanie heavily you might want to consider not having a pom pom on that one.

With the beanies, take care taking the beanie on and off and try to avoid yanking it off and on again.

Should your beanie become loose then you can go ahead and pop it in your washing machine on a 40 degree Celsius wash then pop it in your tumble dryer on a LOW setting for 20-30 mins. The combination of the wash and dry can help with reducing any looseness that might occur with heavy beanie use.

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